How about seeing it in action?

With support for unlimited backdrops and unlimited objects, the possibilities are boundless: but here are six just to get your creative juices going. All, of course, without one single bit of coding.

Clashing Edges

Creating a clashing edge animated effect by putting two DepthCharge sections together.


One click "panels" allow you to immerse your visitor, and focus on what you want them to focus on!

Falling Sprite

Have an image or slabtext element track down your page! Use contain mode to hide it between sections!


Create incredible depth by taking advantage of DepthCharge's support for unlimited backdrops.

Corporate Header

How about an incredible header to showcase your company's message or logo in seconds?


Keep the focus on your message or brand. Have it follow your user and meet in the middle of your section for added effect.

Ready to Rock?

By combining speed and direction settings, you can make some incredible effects. To help spur your own creation, make sure you read the how to, and take a look at these "recipes."

General Usage

It ain't that hard, but I guess a quick run through wouldn't be so bad!

Falling Sprite

Give your site a sense of animated continuity by having an object track down the length of the page. (coming soon)


Holy crap that's really, that's cool. (coming soon)


Immerse your visitor by using DepthCharge to cover the full height of the screen. (coming soon)